Don Brown

Inventor of The Ab Roller

“I did my first prototype with a bent paperclip. Tristar Engineers turned it into the Ab Roller, and now it is the number one fitness product in the world.”

Ab Roller

Gary Ragner

Inventor of The Flex-Able Hose

“I hated rolling up my hose and designed one that retracts by itself. I took it to Tristar and my hose that fits in your pocket created a completely new category on television and in Retail Home & Garden Departments.”

Flexable Hose

Maria McCool

Inventor of The Perfecter

“I developed a new a hair tool for my local customers. Tristar partnered with me in creating the Perfecter and it grew beyond my local Pennsylvania customers into a worldwide international sensation!”


Have an Idea For an Invention?

Have an Idea For an Invention?