Tristar Products, Inc. Celebrates 4 Awards and 5 Star Reviews

FAIRFIELD, NJ (June 14th, 2017) – Direct response product development and marketing pioneer, Tristar Products, Inc., has announced four recent major awards: the 2016 Sam’s Club Vendor of the Quarter Award; the 2016 QVC Star Award for Merchandising Experience for the concept and creation of the Copper Chef brand; the 2016 ERA Moxie Award for Best Male Presenter, Copper Chef spokesperson, Eric Theiss; and the 2015 ERA Moxie Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for the promotion of the Jack LaLanne documentary, “The Godfather of Fitness.”

Tristar also celebrates success amongst consumers writing positive reviews for their As Seen On TV products including Copper Chef, the Power Pressure Cooker XL, The Power Air Fryer, Clear TV, and the Flex-Able Bungee Hose. One Power Pressure Cooker XL product reviewer writes, “I’ve had mine for over 2 years and I use it for everything. I think it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I recommend this pressure cooker to all my friends,” while a second adds, “I am thrilled with this appliance. It does everything you showed and more.”

“These awards and 5 star reviews inspire us every day to set the bar even higher. It’s been a truly humbling experience and we’re truly grateful to both our colleagues and the consumers,” Tristar Products, Inc. founder, Keith Mirchandani said. “Excellent feedback from both our peers and our customers not only validates our hard work but confirms how much we’re genuinely helping millions of families. I am very proud of these honors, and always try to encourage my team to overachieve in every category.”

In 1992, Keith Mirchandani launched Tristar Products, Inc. and has guided it into an “As Seen On TV” product marketing powerhouse that continues to get glowing product reviews. One consumer’s review of the best-selling Copper Chef Pan reads, “I LOVE my 'Best Pan Ever.' It's amazing. It goes stove top to oven for low fat cooking, frying, or baking and everything else. Best birthday gift ever. I am now giving them to friends […]. Hands down best pan ever.”

Now in its 25th year, Tristar transforms product inventions into category leading national and international brands. Each year, the company develops, markets, and distributes high-quality “As Seen On TV” products through national and international retail distribution, online, and through social media.

“We are very excited about the recent awards we have won, and even more, we are delighted that consumers have given us such overwhelmingly high Tristar product reviews on social media sites. Our products are solving everyday problems for them, and that is the mission that drives all of our product development,” Norah Alberto, Director of Global Brand Communications at Tristar explained. “We look forward to introducing many more award winning, customer pleasing DR products in the future.”

Tristar’s corporate headquarters, located in Fairfield, NJ, boasts a 65,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art product development and production facility that includes two studios with green screen, white cyc, and a high-definition control room. Highest-rated best sellers include the Ab Coaster, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, Perfecter Fusion Styler, the Banjo Minnow, Steam Buggy, Flex-Able Hose, Genie Bra, Power Pressure Cooker XL, The Power AirFryer, and Copper Chef. The company has secured various celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jack LaLanne, Carol Alt, Denise Austin, Joan Rivers, Sarah Ferguson, and culinary expert and best-selling author Eric Theiss.

Tristar Products, Inc. is industry recognized as the premiere direct response market leader & invention company worldwide. It has exceeded over one billion dollars in retail sales. Tristar Products, Inc. is an Inc. 5000 company.

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Have an Idea For an Invention?